Venlo, 30 April 2019

Because of rapid growth the international online retailer vidaXL will start the construction of a second distribution centre at Trade Port Noord in Venlo. The new distribution centre is expected to be finished in March 2020.

At the end of 2017 vidaXL already opened a new 100.000 m² distribution centre in Venlo. The very ambitious company started a dropshipping programme1) in 2018, which proved to be a great success. Because of this rapid growth - partly caused by dropshippers -, the company is again bursting at the seams, so a new warehouse needs to be built.


The construction of the second distribution centre with a total surface area of 80.000 m² at Trade Port Noord will start in May 2019. The total surface area of both buildings together will then be 180.000 m². The choice for Venlo as a base was again made because of the logistical advantages and the location of the current warehouse.


The construction and arrival of the new building has a positive effect on employment. The first building already has a ‘very good’ BREEAM certificate, and the same goal is pursued for the second building. For the second distribution centre the entire roof will be utilised for solar panels. These panels are expected to be installed and put into use during 2020.



1) Dropshipping is a way of reselling vidaXL products via your own webshop or other channels. The products are shipped directly from the distribution centre from vidaXL, so the seller doesn’t need to have stock. 

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